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Watts up with our demo fleet? 

Come down and check out the newest additions to our demo/rental fleet! Less effort, more fun! The IZIP E3 Vida will get you to your destination wearing a smile the entire way. The Bosch mid-drive motor system provides multiple levels of boost at the push of a button. The ergonomic frame design allows you to ride further with exceptional comfort.

Run errands, enjoy the paths and places you would normally never see with the long 400 watt battery range without even breaking a sweat! Come down and experience the awesomeness of a pedal assist bike - rent one today! 

Choose Cash over Credit Cards 

Did you know that both the consumers and merchants together pay billions and billions yearly in what is called Credit Card Processing Fees. A little shop like ours alone is charged many thousands of dollars (anyone want to guess how much?) a year for the privilege of accepting credit cards. If you can pay cash to help reduce our overhead and help keep us from raising our prices, we will pledge 1.5% of all cash sales to a local community non-profit cause, with a new beneficiary every month. For the month of March, we will pass the savings to the National Interscholastic Cycling Association Oregon Interscholastic Cycling League. Our Student MTB Team @lacamasyouthmtb participates in this league, we are strong supporters of this organization as they are dedicated and focused on kids being active and getting #morekidsonbikes


What's New in Service

1x Drive-trains have become a popular upgrade. If you want to keep your existing bike but add on the latest standards. Eliminate the front derailleur for less maintenance and more consistent shifting performance. Come by and see us to talk about the latest options!

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