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Camas Bike & Sport Suspension Tuning Clinic

Camas Bike & Sport Suspension Tuning Clinic
Thursday - 10/25/2018 @ 5PM


Day 1 (1.5 hours)
We will cover understanding your suspension and how forks and shocks work. Understanding rebound and compression settings as well as the different characteristics of air springs and coil springs. Last but not least, you will be taught how to personally set up your bike for your weight and riding style.

Day 2. (1.5 hours)
We will take what you have learned in class and head into the field. There you will learn how to fine tune your bike suspension and make adjustments to different riding conditions.
Most riders don't know what is good and what's really not when it comes to their bike suspension performance. The goal of the class, is to make your bike handle it's absolute best. You as a rider, need to know what a good fork and shock feel like and how the two work together. With that information, the adjustments you make will begin to make since. At the end of day 2, we want you to be more stoked to ride your bike than ever and get the most out of what your bike can offer!

Cost for the two part session is $50 taught by our Suspension Tech Bill Waring

Class is limited to 8 students on a 1st come basis, you can Register Here