Cygolite Hypershot 250 Rechargeable Taillight

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Powerful 250 lumen flashes to be seen day and night

- Unique 2-button design lets you adjust the speed of each flash mode and the brightness of the Steady mode

- Dual LED optics throws a long range, extra wide beam

- Daytime visible flashes make you stand out on busy streets

- 7 lighting modes for day and night use (Steady - Zoom - SteadyPulse® - Bzzz Flash - Triple Flash - DayLightning® Flash - Random Flash)

- SteadyPulse® mode features a steady beam to help motorists gauge their distance while overlapping pulses keeps them alert at night

- DayLightning® flash mode bursts lightning-like flashes to make you stand out in broad daylight on busy streets

- Zoom mode signals those around you with gentle changes in brightness

- All-new Bzzz Flash mode alerts those around you with highly visible fast buzz-like flashes

- Hard seat post mount and seat stay mount securely attaches onto seat posts and seat stays

- Light mode memory saves the mode you're in before the light is turned off

- Durable and weighs only 60 grams

- IP64 water resistant for use in all weather conditions

- USB rechargeable with 2 to 200 hours of run time and 3 hours fast charging

- Low battery indicator alerts you when a charge is needed

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