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Home of the Lifetime Tune Up

Limited Lifetime Tune-up Agreement**
(Includes all bikes $499 and over. All bikes under $499 receive lifetime adjustments only)
All new bikes purchased from Camas Bike and Sport receive a lifetime service agreement. The service includes a free Basic Tune Up twice a year. Any replacement parts, installation or overhauls are not included as part of the Lifetime Tune Up program. Any and all necessary repairs outside the Basic Tune Up Service are subject to additional charge. The Lifetime Tune Up program is to the original owner and is non-transferable
**Your "Free House Tunes" are encouraged to be brought in during non-peak periods. Because of the drastic increase of service/repair volume in spring/summer months, any House Tunes turned in and performed between May 1 and Sept 1 will be assesed a $25 surcharge. Small adjustments however are welcome any time of the year as we want your bike to perform well for you on a continious basis!
Before bringing your bike down for it's House tune, please make sure it is clean  first. Muddy or excessivly dirty bikes will be assessed a $20 cleaning fee or returned to owner until clean enough to work on.

What is the value of the Lifetime Tune Up program? 

You will truly find a much greater benefit by taking advantage of our Lifetime Tune Up program than you would going over to Oregon to save on sales tax and here's why.
The average bike is kept for 5-7 years and depending on the amount and type of riding you do, it should be professionally serviced at least 2 times per year. With Basic Tune Rates starting at $70.00, this can add up fast. Therefore if you buy your new bike from Camas Bike and Sport and take advantage of our Lifetime Tune Up program, you will very quickly see the value in your purchase from us.
 Example of potential savings:
Buy in Oregon (or from a shop that pays the sales tax) vs Buy from Camas Bikes
Bike Price $1000.00 Bike Price $1000.00
Sales Tax (Oregon) $    0.00 Sales Tax @ 8.2% $   82.00
Purchase Price $1000.00 Purchase Price $1082.00
Tune Up @ $70 2x per year $140.00 Lifetime Tunes FREE
# years bike owned x       5
Additional service costs $700.00
Total Cost $1700.00 Total Cost $1082.00
Total Savings $   618.00