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BG Fit Studio

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BG Fit at Camas Bike & Sport

  • Do you want to ride faster, longer and in greater comfort?
  • Do you want to be more efficient on the bike and get the most out of each pedal stroke?
  • Do you experience pain or discomfort while riding your bike (or after your ride)? 
  • Do you ride your bike less because it is just too uncomfortable?

Pain or discomfort from an improper bike fit can be experienced anywhere on the body. Pain can be located in your neck, back, saddle, knees, legs or feet. If left uncorrected, the pain can lead to more chronic pain or injury. An improper fit on a bike is not only painful, it is also less efficient.  A rider is much less effective if the body is not positioned in such a way that allows for the rider to concentrate the energy output generated directly into efficient pedaling mechanics. All riders, from the casual rider to the experienced endurance athlete can benefit from a BG Fit. 

What is a BG FIt? 

Found only at your local Specialized dealer, BG FIT (Body Geometry Fit Integration Technology) is a comprehensive fit philosophy created to help cyclists ride faster, longer and in greater comfort, while reducing the chance for injury.

BG FIT “technicians” are trained by the medical consultants and expert staff at Specialized to analyze each rider’s unique attributes, pedal stroke and body position. Using the data gained during the assessment, they optimize the bike and equipment to match the rider’s biomechanical profile.

Pre-Fit Interview

Every fit—whether it’s for a novice or experienced cyclist— starts with a brief interview between a trained technician and the rider that addresses the individual’s injury history, needs and goals.

16 Point Physical Assessment
The next assessment identifies the rider’s limiting physical factors and allows the fitter to determine what positions are possible and what major modifications will need to be made.

The step-by-step process requires the fitter to test all of the following: foot structure, knee position, level pelvis, spinal curve, scapular position, kneeling forefoot angulation, standing toe touch, cervical spine flexibility, shoulder extension, straight leg raise, hip flexion, ankle flexion, Thomas test, leg length comparison, tibial tuberosity comparison and one-third knee bend.

Side View Fit (X/Y Plane)
Assessed using the side view of the rider, the goal is to deliver a correct neutral position that’s both powerful and comfortable through adjustments to seat height, handlebar height, stem length and cleat position.

The goal is to fit the bike so the rider is comfortable with his/her hands on the hoods, can climb and relax using the tops, and descend and sprint from the drops. To do this, all three bar positions must be comfortable and useable. Finding a good “neutral” position for the rider allows them to adapt to changes in terrain, cadence and effort. By examining and adjusting factors like weight distribution, saddle fore/aft, leg extension, torso angle, shoulder/elbow/hand alignment and cleat position, you can greatly improve a rider’s comfort and power on the bike.

Fontal View Analysis (Z Plane)
Analysis from frontal view to optimize hip, knee and foot alignment for greater performance and balanced power delivery. Includes analysis of pedal and shoe placement and squareness on the saddle.

Focused on the finer points of a rider’s alignment, pedal stroke and biomechanics; this step makes specific adjustments to the position in order to optimize performance and comfort. The fitter looks at specifics of arch support and knee/ leg inequalities, addressing these challenges through shimming (with the use of BG wedges, footbeds and shoes), stance width adjustments and cleat shifting. Adjustments are made to align the rider squarely on the saddle so that they can achieve the proper balance.

The Follow Up
A follow up appointment is made for 3-4 weeks after the BG FIT to discuss the effectiveness of the adjustments, fine tune adjustments made and to answer any other questions or concerns the rider may have.

Pricing Levels

Full Body BG Fit (2-3 hours and by appointment only)

Includes full 16 point physical assessment and on bike analysis, and 4 week follow up appointment if needed
$175.00 - Road/Mountain
$200.00 - Aero/Triathalon

Basic Bike Sizing (30-45 minutes by appointment only) $40.00

This is a basic sizing that puts you on the trainer, measure seat position, fore/aft, offer suggestions for handlebar placement.


How long does a BG FIT take? A fitting can take from 2-3 hours, depending on the riders’ personal situation. 

What type of clothing should I wear? Bring your cycling clothing and cycling shoes, if you have some. You will be spending a lot of time on your bike and trainer.

What is the difference between a bike sizing and a BG Fit?

Bike sizing and BG FIT are two very different services.  Bike sizing ensures that the rider is placed on the appropriate size bike, that the appropriate saddle height and position are set and that the arms rest comfortably on the handlebars.  A sizing does not include a pre-fit interview, 16 point physical assessment, comprehensive side or front view analysis.